Peeping and Fornicating 1

Mrs. Goody, who had founded and named the school which Jody and Susie attended, lived, retired, in a little house on the edge of the campus, a stone's throw from the woodshed.
Jody had never paid too much attention to it before. She and Manny passed it on their way to their frequent screwing sessions in the woodshed, where Jody had learned so much about the human anatomy.

On this particular occasion, she was passing alone to meet Manny and she saw a car pull up to the little house at the edge of the wooded area. Mrs. Goody got out with a bag of groceries and motioned the driver away.

There was something about the way Mrs. Goody moved, even at this distance, that roused Jody's attention. It was the brisk way she moved her stiff figure, that caused Jody to feel that maybe she could learn something from the retired, former headmistress.

She looked ahead, on this Saturday afternoon, to see if Manny had beat her as usual. He hadn't. She walked the few yards further to the woodshed and poked her face at the cobwebbed window.

It was dark inside. There was no trace of movement, no trace of Manny.

Jody decided to while away some of her spare time, while she waited for Manny, in spying on Mrs. Goody.

She had to be careful, though. She didn't want Mrs. Goody to get the wrong idea. She was there merely to pick up a little harmless information, an innocuous enough goal.

But of course, it was, in a sense, trespassing. She tiptoed quietly along the path, and as she neared the house, snuck along from tree to tree. A meager amount of snow had fallen and covered the path and the ground alongside it.

Finally she was at the last tree before sneaking to the window through which she thought sure she could get a good look at Mrs. Goody. She pressed close to the side of the house, letting only her nose and eyes pass beyond the edge of the window.

It happened to be the kitchen she was looking into. She pulled back, just as she saw Mrs. Goody pull her head out of the refrigerator. She had put all her groceries away, except for a package of celery stalks sitting on the kitchen table.

Jody's curiosity was at once sparked. Could it be that Mrs. Goody was making a celery stew? Or could it be something else she was making, namely herself.
Mrs. Goody picked up the bag of celery and headed through the door into the next room.

Jody had to slide along to the next window to keep up with her. The next window let in on the livingroom.

But Mrs. Goody didn't remain long here either. She merely passed through it on the way to the next room.

This time, Jody had to circle one quarter of the house, to find the next window, the window that let in on Mrs. Goody's bedroom. And just as she came up to it, the draw drape snapped shut in front of her nose.

Luckily, Jody found a hole where the drape didn't quite meet the edge of the window. It was through this crack that she peeped and witnessed the most interesting actions which, if known to the student body in general, would provide them all with gossip enough to last several weeks.

Peeping and Fornicating 2

Mrs. Goody had sat down and spread-eagled on her bed. It was a large and comfortable double bed, with a chenille bedspread on top.
Jody's eyes bugged out of her head. Mrs. Goody was pushing up her skirt and latching on to her long johns, those flannel panties that extended nearly the length of her slip.

There must have been a slit in them, like in men's long johns, because she saw Mrs. Goody's whole fist disappear up it. The bag of celery lay alongside her on the bed.

At the same time, the other of Mrs. Goody's expert hands, that must have many times been used to smack children's hands that had caressed wrong parts of their anatomy, now went up to caress parts of her own.

Jody saw her pull her cardigan sweater open, button by button, and expose her whole chest. It was covered by the top part of a cotton slip and, beneath that was a pink bra.

Off came the skirt, and then the bra, too, was loosened. It didn't come off, but merely was pulled up above her tits.

Those tits! Jody had seen nothing like them. They were huge and loose. They fell, as the breasts of old women are wont to do, clear down to her waistline.

And Jody saw her take first one, and then the other tit in her hand and massage it. She saw Mrs. Goody's old, aged head go back against the pillow her whole body was propped against, against the headboard.

Her face, in ecstasy, looked ten years. younger. Jody judged her actual age to be around seventy. So even old people do it! She was amazed, Jody was. There was so much to learn in her life.

Jody wanted to learn everything. If she spied enough, she probably would, it looked like.

Meanwhile, she would learn all she could from Mrs. Goody, who was giving a free lesson in human masturbation before her eyes.

Jody had to congratulate herself on her astuteness. She had fingered a book on body language in the bookstore and she picked up enough information to be of use to her. She had picked up enough vibrations from Mrs. Goody's bouncy walk to know that she, Mrs. Goody, was up to some hanky-panky.

She watched the old, lined hands grasp at her hanging tits and massage the nipples. Her face had the look of an angel on it. Her eyes, cracked around with lines; were half closed.

First one huge tit was palmed. Jody saw the fingers, bent with arthritis, touch the nipples, still healthy looking and brown. Then, Jody saw the amazing.

Mrs. Goody's tit was so large, that she managed to cup it and bring it halfway up to her mouth.

Then her face went down, and she was actually able to suck her own tit. It was awkward, however, and she could not do it for long. Then she stuck her red tongue out of her mouth as far as she could, and licked all over first one nipple, and then the other.

Jody's eyes were bugging out. She wished she could reach through the glass storm windows and move the curtain back further, so she could see better.

As it was, she was forced to squint, one eye at a time, through the curtains.

But she got to see lots as it was. The best was yet to come.
Jody watched as her hand went down between her legs and pulled her skirt all the way up now, and pushed her long johns way down to her loins. Over the elastic of the waistband, Jody could glimpse a great gray bush, or rather the upper extremes of it.

It was the beginnings of the large expanse of her forest of pubic hair. Mrs. Goody was looking down her long johns now and chuckling, obviously enjoying the sight and feel of what lurked beneath it.

Her hands and arthritic fingers set up a rubbing motion deep in her panties. Jody longed to see. She wished Mrs. Goody would pull her long johns down the rest of the way.

But it was probably cold in her bedroom. At her age, she wouldn't want to catch cold. It could be the end.

Peeping and Fornicating 3

She, Jody, was thinking maybe Mrs. Goody could come and speak at Susie's future masturbation course. There could be a unit on masturbation for senior citizens.
Of course, Mrs. Goody would do nothing of the sort. Jody wished she'd brought her camera. A picture or two would have been interesting fodder for future discussions between her and Susie on female masturbation.

She saw Mrs. Goody pant and moan soundlessly through the closed window, as she rubbed her clitoris again and again. She spread her soft white thighs on the bed and fingered her tits again simultaneously. She rubbed her hairy underarms and sucked on her arthritic fingers. She jabbed her fingers up her cunt. At least, that was what Jody supposed she was doing.

Then, surprise of surprises, Jody saw Mrs. Goody, the former headmistress and founder of Mrs. Goody's School of Girls, stick a finger up her back puckered hole.

Jody was hysterical. She just couldn't believe it. And she could view this because Mrs. Goody was pulling her longjohns all the way down to her knees, after all.

Now her whole hairy pussy was exposed on the big, chenille covered bed. Her white hair, cut short and curly around her lined face, was bobbing up and down on her head, with every move of her finger on her pussy.

Her face seemed to look towards the window, and Jody ducked quickly. It made her, Jody, remember that Manny was coming and perhaps already at the woodshed. It brought her back to reality, and though she didn't want to leave this scene that was providing the scoop of the semester, she knew Manny would be able to appreciate it.

She looked back towards the woodshed. The door to it was on the other side the tiny building about one hundred yards away.

Jody started to whistle softly, but She realized that Mrs. Goody would probably hear her before Manny would.

Then she got the idea to throw a snowball in the direction that Manny might be watching. She couldn't hope to reach the front door of the shed, itself, but if she could catch his attention, that would suffice.

So she kept on scooping snow up, meager as it was, and forming small snowballs that she heaved with all her thirteen-year-old might towards the path that led back to the campus.

In a minute she saw Manny's head peep around the side of the building. She waved frantically for him to come this way.

Then, when he got close enough to see her, she lay a finger across her mouth and motioned for him to be silent.

Manny tiptoed along the path, crunchy with snow, and got within talking distance. When he was about to open his mouth and greet her, she again motioned him to be quiet and he came up to her.

He kissed her in greeting but Jody was too excited and pulled away, stepping aside from her perch so Manny could see the scene that she had seen.

And Manny saw it. He saw Mrs. Goody, famous retiree of his sister school, with her pants down and her bra up, on her double four-poster bed, jacking herself off.

Manny was beside himself with laughter. He couldn't help it. Here was the most conservative, supposedly, member of the school community, getting off on her own flesh. It was too much!

He watched more closely. She had two fingers up her widened, old cunt hole and jabbed into it again and again.

He saw her make the moans of pleasure, although he could not really hear her.
She widened her thighs and he saw the incredible mass of her hairy gray cunt. It was a wonderful. She rocked back and forth and up and down on the bed. First she used her fingers, first this way and then that.

Then Jody pushed her way back into the little slit of space and saw finally what the bag of celery was for.

It was not for crunching on. It was not for stuffing with peanut butter. It was not for stuffing at all, unless you imagine it to be for stuffing up her vagina.

In which case you would be right. She broke the seal on the bag and opened the top. She pulled out the whole hunk of celery and broke a nice, green healthy looking stalk off, with plenty of leaves at the top.

Peeping and Fornicating 4

Without even bothering to wash off the stalk, certain to be a bit grimy, from all the celery Jody had seen her mother clean, at least, Mrs. Goody plunged the tip of the stalk straight up her hole.
Then even they heard her groan. It was a faint groan, but a groan all right. That's how loud it was. It penetrated even the window.

She rotated the stalk around and around her cunt. "Ohhhhhh," they saw her moan, as she plunged the stalk in and out of her twat.

Then she turned the stalk around and actually used it like a feather duster, brushing the lush looking greens over her hairy gray cunt and arousing her clit into excitement once more.

Manny and Jody nearly exclaimed aloud. They were so amazed and so enchanted with the sight.

Jody mimicked the stick of celery up her cunt and made bumps and grinds, as she stood in the snow, feigning the stalk of celery in her hand.

Manny laughed silently. He would do nothing to terminate this incredible view of Mrs. Goody. It was a voyeur's delight.

"How long do you think she's been doing this?" whispered Manny.

"Shhhh!" said Jody.

Mrs. Goody seemed to look up just then and towards the window. But she couldn't possibly have seen them. They were well concealed behind the folds of the curtain, having pulled back just in time. No doubt she had just heard a strange sound.

The sound of giggling teens, to be sure, but an undefinable sound, as she entered her aged throes of orgasm.

They watched her thrust the celery stalk in and out, in and out, and arouse Mrs. Goodie to the point of no return.

She began writhing around on the bed, as if this were her last stalk of celery ever.

She broke another stalk off then and kept titillating her clit with the feathery greens, while she continued fucking herself with the stalk of the other.

It was truly an amazing sight.

Jody was glad that on that Saturday, she and Manny had planned their rendezvous as usual at the old woodshed. They had gotten much in return.

They figured there wasn't much more to watch. They continued to look at the old lady get her rocks off on the celery.

Jody wondered if then she ate it afterwards. She didn't have long to wait to find out.

Mrs. Goody didn't even bother going to the kitchen and washing off the cunt juice. She merely put the stalks to her mouth, one by one, and ate them, seeming to relish in their garnish of erotic juices and groin sweat.

Jody and Manny nearly sank to the white ground in fits of hysterical laughter.
The show was surely over then. Just to make sure, they eyed the slit in the curtain once more.

Mrs. Goody was rolling off the bed now, and pulling her clothes back on piece by piece.

First she pulled up the long johns. Then she pulled her bra back, putting her huge boobies back into their cups.

Then she put the rest of her clothes on again. Fully dressed, she suddenly headed for the window where the teens were watching her.

Before they could move away, Mm. Goody quick pulled the sash of the drapes and they came tumbling open, exposing herself and her bedroom to the full view of the boy and girl, and Jody and Manny to her view.

They heard her scream and ran like wild fire in the direction of the woodshed.

Peeping and Fornicating 5

"Oh my gosh," gasped Jody, running hard and trying to keep up with her boyfriend. "What if she recognized us?"
"She didn't," said Manny, running as fast as his long legs could carry him, which was pretty fast.

He turned around once, and realized that she, Mrs. Goody, could easily look out another window and see in which direction they were headed.

He wondered if it was wise to stop at the woodshed at all, no matter how much he and Jody wanted their rocks off.

When they arrived, they plunged through the door and slammed it shut behind them, panting heavily.

They found themselves in the semi-dark of late afternoon. All was as they had left it. Tousled blankets on the floor, with the imprint of any number of girls' hips on the top blanket.

"Will she come here?" asked Manny. "What do you think?"

"I want to have sex with you," answered Jody. "I haven't come all this way for nothing. I NEED you, Manny, please. If she comes, let her look. We can fasten the door shut. At least, if she looks, we'll have one up on her too."

"No, I think she'll have two up on us. She'll have us for window-peeping and for fornicating. All the rules are in favor of the adults, not the kids."

"Right you are," said Jody thoughtfully. "But I don't know where else we can fuck, do you?"

"No," answered her boyfriend, as he saw Jody's pretty face in the dim light, flushed from running.

"She's not going to go looking for trouble, I don't think," said Jody. But She realized her erotic feelings were getting the best of her. She was incapable, in that moment, of making an objective decision.

Already the memory of that scene was turning her on. And so was the vibes she was getting from being with her handsome and sexy boyfriend.

He gave off a lot of warmth, making the air degrees warmer all about him, it seemed. At least, Jody was always aware of it. She always kidded him about the heat his sexuality generated.

She thought there must be some truth in that. At any rate, her hands dropped to her groin and she began masturbating herself.

She'd worn a jacket and jeans and long socks under her jeans. Her pants were very tight.

Manny turned her around and she pirouetted before him, her round ass cheeks the picture of sexiness.

They couldn't NOT make love. They both knew it and there was no further discussion.

They tumbled down on the mound of blankets and began tearing at each other's clothes.

Jody started for Manny's huge basket, grabbing at his fly and trying to rip the zipper open.

She succeeded and she pulled the beautiful cock out of its cage, that is, out of the jocks in which they were sequestered, and she began madly rubbing and jacking off the lovely, smooth projection.

"Oh, eat me, eat me," he moaned.

"I will, I will," Jody moaned hungrily, trying to contain her arduous excitement.

She hungered for his cock, she really and truly did. She took the cock into her mouth and sucked on it, looking up at his face now and then to see his reaction.

His head was thrown back and he was moaning with pleasure.

Jody was pleased. She loved satisfying her man, even at the ripe age of thirteen.

She licked all over his shaft and licked around the sensitive ridge. She took her favorite instrument in her hand and flagged it up and down, setting the glans on fire.
She heard Manny begin moaning. He rocked forward and back on his legs, bumping and grinding to her expert sucking exertions she was performing on his sensitive cock.

She sucked harder and harder. She ate him all the way to the balls. Then she slid her tongue down the shaft and back to the head. He went crazy with desire.

"Should I keep eating you or do you want to put it in me?" asked Jody. She knew he would be capable of getting it up as many more times as there were minutes left.

She said, "I'll eat you, honey, Manny, and swallow it all. Every bit of it. You know how I love to do that."

"Okay, honey," he answered, loving her all the more, in that minute, and nodding his approval.

Peeping and Fornicating 6

She kept sucking him off. She repeated all the motions of her tongue, riding up and down the prick, up and over his flaccid balls, and even around his solid, muscular ass cheeks.
She held tight onto his ass cheeks then, and ate him to the end.

"Nghnghngh," he was moaning just as his semen broke and spurted into her eager, waiting mouth.

In that moment, as Jody began eating and swallowing the delicious come, a shadow passed across the nearly dark room.

They both started up, looking instinctively toward the window. There, in the flesh, and with her winter coat on, stood Mrs. Goody, delighting in her spying.

The kids were frantic. Manny drew up his pants, his prick still dripping with come, and plunged his dick into his jocks.

When his belt was fastened the kids tore toward the door, wanting to get the hell out of the woodshed, but not having the slightest idea what to expect on the other side.

It felt so nice to her, to have a big solid shaft in her little hands. She looked down at it, and her hand, expanded around the thick base, looked so small in comparison. She bent down and kissed the tip of his shaft, and a drop of lubricating cream formed a pearl on the tip.

"Lick it again," he said.

She bent down and her tongue lapped up the drop of cream. He was really steaming, and she felt her power over him. She could do anything to him. She could make him happy, very happy, or perfectly happy. Or, she could just turn on her little fanny and walk off.

She decided to break down and give him the best blow-job he ever had. Getting down on her knees, she enveloped the huge throbbing cock, letting her tongue flutter over it.

"Oh, that's great. That feels great!"

She would have smiled, but her mouth was stuffed with hot meat. Her hands came up and embraced the hot sausage. It was just too big to maintain that heavy thrust, in and out of her mouth, and her little jaws were getting tired.

Now, by holding onto the shaft, she could allow just a few inches to penetrate her mouth, and she could jerk-off the part of his long shaft that was clinched in her fist.

He loved the idea. His body broke out into gestures, twitches, of sheer pleasure, and she could see that her little sporting movements were being appreciated.

She closed her eyes, trying to remember the sensation of sucking on a big cock, so she could duplicate it at any time, even if she didn't happen to have a big cock handy. She was trying to think of things she could use instead. A hot dog, of course, she thought. Maybe a dildo, certainly that'd be a gas!

Suddenly his hands came down and seemed to grasp her with new urgency, as though he was about to lose all control of himself. She was right. He started to ravish her mouth, his long thick cock going in and out of her so quickly she felt her mind clouding up. It was almost impossible to tell when, but she knew what was coming.

She could see, when she opened her eyes, his underbelly, coming at her. Her nose would bump against it, at every downbeat.

"That feels just great!"

She let a hand slide down and cup his balls. It was getting hard on her, just taking in his giant cock, and she wanted it over soon. She wanted him to finish.
"Oh, baby! Your fingers feel so nice on my balls," he moaned, looking down at her.

She stopped everything for a moment.

"Give my jaw a rest!" she moaned.

He could see that she needed it, and he just stood there, waiting for her to start again. He petted her, and touched the corners of her mouth, where there was moisture from his driving cock, mixed with her saliva.

"That feels really good. Is it hard to do?" he asked.

She didn't want to say it was, because she liked doing it and wanted to finish. She shook her head, indicating that it wasn't. "It's just such a big cock, I need a rest."

He smiled, seemingly pleased with the thought. He watched as her lips began to flirt with his cock again. He also, was wondering how he could ever duplicate this wonderful feeling if he didn't have a little girl's mouth to shove his cock into.

He couldn't think of anything that could feel quite like that, especially when she grabbed the hot shaft in her fist, and fluttered her tongue over the tip until the bolts of hot cream came erupting out, all over her little mouth and chin.

"Wow! That feels nice!"

Peeping and Fornicating 7

His whole body was shivering with pleasure, and his cock was shooting out hot jets of come, as she squeezed him, prolonging his orgasm, taking most of his come in her mouth.
It was bittersweet. She swallowed it down without great effort, and licked on his cock for a moment afterwards. Then, she felt his hand tugging at her hair and she moved away from him.

Suddenly, he was between her legs, playing with her little pussy again. He hadn't forgotten her. He let his fingers fuck her. Two of them entered her, and then another finger suddenly slid deeply into her anus.

She was stunned, shocked, with pleasure. She began to hump at him, her hips gyrating down on his hand, and her whole body flooded with the hot combination of sensations she was feeling. It was so nice to have her clitoris, cunt, and asshole massaged at the same time. She came in a few moments, but she didn't let on. She wanted him to keep trying. She wanted him to make her come again.

He seemed to be getting tired also, or at least his fingers were, and he moved his hand away after ten minutes. She was sweaty and exhausted, and she'd already came anyway, so she thought that perhaps that was the end of it for the time being, but then, she felt his hands parting her legs just as she closed them.

He was far from done with her. Now, he was going to let her have the full force of his tongue on her little love button.

"Oh, are you going to ...?"


His tongue started at her thighs, sucking and lapping at the smooth, silky skin. Her inner thighs were a delight, and he lingered, although he was hungry for the taste of her little bush, throbbing just above his head.

He smiled before he went down on her, smiled with the awareness that he was going to drive her right out of her little mind, on the fucking spot, with his tongue.

"Get ready!"

His voice had a warning ring to it, and she tensed. He seemed to mean it. His eyes shown with intensity, with a twinkle that combined mischief with purpose.

It occurred to her that he could drive her mad, at least for awhile. She decided to welcome it, to lie back, spread her lovely thighs, and welcome it.

It came! His tongue covered her entire crotch. It's swooping licks ran from her pussy and clitoris, way back to her asshole, as he held the balls of her buttocks tightly in his hands, keeping her in just the right spot so that his beating tongue could lay it down on her with the proper degree of sensation.

She closed her eyes and committed her attention to his beating tongue. In no time at all, she was in heaven, transported by the flood of pleasure that enveloped her; made her limbs dance with joy!
"I'm coming! Oh! That feels so wonderful! I'm coming!" she moaned, whimpering with delight.

He didn't miss a stroke of his whipping, tongue laying it down on her as she almost struggled to get away from the source of her pleasure and near-insanity. It was the hardest thing she ever had to sit still for, even though it felt so heavenly.

Her head was clouding quickly, and she felt as though her entire being was centered in her genitals, specifically, at the point where his tongue was beating her.

"Oh, I can't stand it another minute!"

This time, she did come, her body dancing, twitching, going crazy under the beating tongue!

"Oh! oh, I can't stand it another minute!" do that before," she whimpered, her head swimming.

He smiled as he registered her responses. He knew he was driving her wild, and he wanted her to remember that he had that power, and could duplicate the delights he led her to.

Her body, sweating and jerking, spine tight, went into a crazy tarantella of motions, her hands grasping his head close to her flaming little pussy.

Soon she was done, and her spine relaxed. He could sense her orgasm, and he kept up his tongue-beating through it, but then stopped when she was done.
When she looked up, his face was covered with her pussy dew, and he was smiling. She knew it was over. Her body told her that it had to be over, for the moment. But, she knew it would happen again!

His cock was very hard, and he let it out slowly. The little girl looked at it, let her little fist close around the base.

"I'm going to lick it like a lollipop!" she said, sensing his delight.

She bent her head.